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Got mosquitoes?
Another reason to call Greenlawn

Mosquitoes buzzing your picnic table and driving you out of the hammock?

Don’t just sit there and swat. Take back your yard. Better yet, get together with the neighbors and make your street a bite-free zone.

Call Greenlawn to ask about a one-time spraying in advance of a family picnic or party. Or schedule an automatic spraying program for the season to cover all the peak mosquito breeding weeks of summer.

Mosquitoes are one of the most widespread insect pests known to man. In fact, you’d have to go to Antarctica to find a continent that doesn’t have at least one species or another of mosquito.

While mosquitos can never be eliminated, they can be effectively controlled. Many of our customers are very pleased with the results of our mosquito control service and have us back each season.

At the first sign of a mosquito problem, call GREENLAWN at (810) 982-6313 to help minimize mosquitoes in your yard. (Not available in all areas.)