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Who wants to be stuck behind a cash register or in a factory or warehouse? Instead, are you interested in the opportunity to work outdoors, independently or in a small team, for customers who love to see you coming?

Join us in helping to keep Blue Water Area lawns and landscapes looking great. Greenlawn seeks qualified team members now. It’s mostly seasonal work, but it could lead to a career. And meanwhile you’ll acquire transferable skills. Read on…

The lawn and home of some long-time Greenlawn customers.

The fact that Greenlawn has so many long-time loyal customers, such as these St. Clair County homeowners, adds to the job satisfaction of our team members.

Here’s what the job requires and entails

We place a high priority on enlisting team members who can deliver quality results, who possess excellent people skills, and who are oriented to meeting and exceeding goals.

• Prior lawn care work experience is preferred, but we also provide excellent training.
• Ability to work effectively in a team environment.
• Must be able to read and comprehend written instructions and safety regulations regarding the performance of job duties and understand and comply with oral instructions.
• Must be able to identify and have knowledge of the growth habits of lawns, plants, trees, and shrubs found in Southeast Lower Michigan.
• You’ll need to be able to use lawn and tree sprayers, landscape tools and equipment and must be able to descend/ascend from ground level.
• Must be able to raise/carry and hold 50-pound bags up to 20 times per day. Must be able to move loads of 30 pounds for distances up to 300 yards and be able to move 75 pounds for distances up to 150 feet.
• Must have sufficient visual acuity, with our without corrective lenses, and sufficient auditory acuity with or without accommodation.
• Must be able to tolerate temperatures ranging from -25 F to 120 F and be able to tolerate prolonged exposure to sunlight.
• A DOT physical examination administered by the employer’s designated physician is required.
• At minimum, a valid Michigan chauffer driver’s license is required.
• A current copy of driver’s license MVR from the Secretary of State is required.

Greenlawn is a great company to work with. Family-owned, family-oriented, community-minded.

Contact Greenlawn at (810) 982-6313 or email to make application.